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By providing excellent plastic products, we aim to satisfy the market needs and cover the highest customer requirements.

We have the most modern manufacturing technology, which distinguishes from other manufacturers by producing extremely durable and innovative products made from high quality polyethylene (HDPE).

The plastic jerry cans we produce are able to store liquids with different chemical composition, such as fuels, lubricants, chemicals, detergents, and any kind of liquid products from the food industry.

Our plastic jerry cans are available in two sizes - 10 and 20 liters. According to the customer’s needs they can be manufactured with different additions, as an example: level indicator, embossed logo, different colors.

We approach with professionalism and honesty to our customers, trying to satisfy all their requirements. We guarantee a quick and quality execution of each order and the timely supply throughout the country and Europe.


The plastic jerry cans can be used in a variety of sectors:




Cleaning products

Products of food industry.

Agricultural products

and more...


Plastic Jerry Can 20 l.

Height 37.5 сcm

Depth 30.5 cm

Width 23 см

Weight 1.2 kg

The Jerry Cans are capable of stacking

Plastic Jerry Can 10 l.

Height 26.5 cm

Depth 24.5 cm

Width 20.5 cm

Weight 0.550 kg

The Jerry Cans are capable of stacking

Useful information

Advantages of Using a Plastic Jerry Can

Jerry cans are common containers for fuel, water and other liquids since the 1930s. It became a popular liquid storage during the World War 2, and has seen several adaptations and redesigns since it was first developed by German engineer, Vinzenz Grunvogel, in 1937. There are two types of jerry cans. The first one is […]

Uses of Plastic Jerry Cans

Jerry cans have been used since the 1930s, first by the Germans, then by the Americans, and later by Britain and other countries. Steel jerry cans are the default versions of this container back then, but recent technology has allowed manufacturers to produce a plastic version, which is cheaper and more environment-friendly. A jerry can […]

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  • Color

    You can add custom color depending on your needs.

  • Еmbossed logo

    Thanks to the innovative technology which we have we can print your company logo (embossed) on each plastic jerry can.

  • Varieties

    We produce jerry cans from 10 and from 20 litters.

  • Level indicator

    You can add a level indicator on each plastic jerry can in order to facilitate your customers.

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