Uses of Plastic Jerry Cans

Jerry cans have been used since the 1930s, first by the Germans, then by the Americans, and later by Britain and other countries. Steel jerry cans are the default versions of this container back then, but recent technology has allowed manufacturers to produce a plastic version, which is cheaper and more environment-friendly.

A jerry can is a uniquely designed container. The small mouth fits snugly through a water or fuel hose, ensuring that little to no liquid is spilled during transfer. Its handle is strategically positioned, so that a person will not have a hard time carrying it from one point to another.

A jerry can is a popular storage for different kinds of liquids in many countries. Below are just some of its most common uses:

  1. Fuel Container – The jerry can is originally designed by the Germans to store fuel in anticipation of World War 2. Today, it is still used to store petroleum, kerosene and diesel. It is not uncommon to see a pickup truck or another vehicle having its own plastic jerry can at the back, which the driver can use in case his vehicle runs out of fuel while on the road. The driver can simply go to the nearest gasoline station, buy fuel and store it in the jerry can then bring it back to the vehicle for transfer.


  1. Water Storage – Plastic jerry cans are ideal water storage containers because they are light and durable. Many households and workplaces now store water in plastic jerry cans for daily use. These containers are also useful in villages with no running water, where people have to walk long distances to fetch water from a well. Not only is a plastic jerry can lighter than a clay pot or a steel container; it is also easier to clean and carry around because of the strategic location of its handle.


  1. Lubricant Container – Several countries use plastic jerry cans as storage for different lubricants. Modern Russia, for example, uses them to store oil and grease that they use in their day-to-day activities. Plastic cans are good containers because they do not react to the chemicals in the lubricants, thus, they reduce any contamination risk that a metal container may otherwise pose.
  2. Chemical Tank – Chemical companies also use plastic jerry cans to store their products. Some chemicals react badly to metal containers, so manufacturers generally prefer plastic over steel. Because plastic containers are lighter, they can transport more cans per trip, which lessens their transportation costs, too.


  1. Musical instrument – While it is uncommon, some people actually use plastic jerry cans as makeshift drums. Resourceful individuals who love music but cannot afford an expensive drum set can assemble their own using old plastic containers. Aside from saving money, they also get to show off their resourcefulness and artistic abilities.


These are just some of the uses of a plastic jerry can. With resourcefulness and a little ingenuity, anyone can find countless usage for this handy container.


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